Accelerated Outcomes Offers Clients A New Guarantee – We Only Make Money When You Do

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( — January 21, 2014) Brisbane, QUEENSLAND — 


In line with their recently launched new business model and website, Accelerated Outcomes has offered a new fee model, in order to guarantee client satisfaction.


The firm, who recently restructured their business to focus on Bob Serling’s proprietary ‘Inversion Formula’ of marketing, has stated they now operate on a Pay For Performance model for most of their client work.  With over seventy years’ business experience by their principals, Accelerated Outcomes says it’s wrong for clients to spend thousands on consultancy and agency programs that ask for payment regardless of outcomes, only to gain little from their expenditure. 


Accelerated Outcomes has discovered that this disappointment is what clients have come to expect for years. The majority of businesses market their products or services in ways that are nearly identical to their competition. Does the phrase, “That’s how it’s done in our industry” sound familiar? If so, the consulting firm maintains that businesses are leaving substantial profits on the table.


As quoted by Brian Richards, founder and principal of the company, “helping clients with this is our sole focus as a business”.  By offering the chance to break free of ‘me too’ marketing, offering powerful resources and developing bold, breakthrough marketing strategies, Accelerated Outcomes strives to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship with all clients, allowing them to gain previously unreachable profits. 


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