FREE reputation management service offered to Chandler, AZ businesses-For a short time

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( –July 8, 2014) Chandler, AZ –An online marketing company called Local Business Rockstar recently made their FREE marketing software, called Rockstar Reputation Report, available to the general public as part of their beta testing. When done, Local Business Rockstar will be removing it from the public and will be charging for these reports.


What do these reports show? It gives a business owner an idea on what their onlinereputation is through customer reviews and directory sites. It’s important for a business owner to know what their online reputation is since a recent study showed that as much as 90% of people were influenced in their buying decisions by positive reviews, as well as 86% of those consumers were influenced by bad reviews.


A large amount of business owners concentrate on getting brand-new consumers, rather than depending on their existing client base to help them market their home business with “word of mouth” marketing. One  trusted approach to market your business online and to stand out from your competitors is reputation management.


The Chief Executive Officer of Local Business Rockstar, Eric Christopher, disagrees saying reputation marketing is the way to go now. The distinction between the two is merely this: reputation management is usually responsive, encouraging that you are trying to reply to unfavorable reviews about your business. Reputation marketing, on the other hand, focuses on being proactive to grow a culture of positive customer experience, then marketing that customer experience in as many areas as possible. The outcome is that if you do get the routine bad review, if you have been working on your online reputation, then a few bad reviews will not hurt your company.


The big trouble for many companies is that they do not know where to begin in addition to what what their online reputation looks like. That’s why Local Business Rockstar is offering their FREE Reputation Report to help a business owner to rapidly see, good or bad, reviews about their company. This is an easy way to show a business owner exactly what their customers really think about them.


In addition, for those proactive people who utilize the Reputation tool, Local Business Rockstar is also offering FREE training on …

  • strategies to be able to rid of negative/bad reviews.
  • strategies to quickly market your business online.
  • and approaches to grow an amazing online reputation.


When asked about the FREE software being provided to the public, Eric Christopher simply had this to say, “We’re only offering this amazing marketing tool for a LIMITED time. I highly recommend small business owners to maximize this chance as fast as possible. As soon as we complete our beta phase, we’ll start charging people to gain access to it. We just recent added a brand new function to reveal to a business owner if their online company is being listed on the most important websites. We cannot keep it FREE for long, as it is actually very popular.”

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