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( — January 27, 2014)  

With parallel paths of technological advances taking place in social media, search engines, and mobile apps propagating by the minute, it is no wonder that the real estate brokerage field has begun to experience some new found methods that cater to addressing quicker, more efficient, and more profitable means of conducting business in such a highly competitive environment. 


With decades of firsthand experience, its principals have been involved in Real Estate Technology before the birth of the internet. Embracing the shift to mobile technology is revolutionizing the way that brokers, agents, and consumers interact.  Mobile Agent USA’s technology was designed to serve all the parties engaged and involved in the real estate process forging ahead with simplicity while leveraging what mobile technology today has provided. Simultaneously, this technological app has provided a means of gathering contact information from interested buyers and sellers without an aggressive or invasive sales approach that commonly “puts off” prospects eliminating the opportunity to communicate.  Meanwhile, it enables brokers to stay engaged with their audience and gather invaluable data about leads and automatically follow up with an app that is customized and integrates with their companies branded IDX, Social Media, and more. 

What Mobile Agent USA has honed in on with this mobile web app and soon to be released native app, has been to develop a vehicle that addresses branding and efficiency for real estate brokers, agents and consumers.  Most business processes are about making choices from a set of existingalternatives. Many brokers today feel that in some respects the playing field has been leveled. Clearly,  if all your competition is doing the same thing, then differentiation is tough..  According to Diane Matteson, President of Mobile Agent, “The most important aspect of a brand is the emotional connection between the company and its consumers-So our solution addresses both B2B & B2C with Differentiation and Branding.


This is why we have designed Mobile Agent to integrate with our customers branded platform, with tools that make them stand out in both the eyes of the REALTOR® and the eyes of the consumer.”


Additionally, this app provides a mobile version the old paper business cards “The iCard” that can easily be shared with prospects. The iCard can be company branded and has the REALTOR®’s picture, phone number, contact information, social media access, videos, and more.  All can be accessed via text and can be automatically sent as follow up to the leads that come into the system.  All leads are texted real time to the agent with the prospective client’s contact information, (name and cell phone) enabling a platform for effective follow up.         


Diane Matteson, President of Mobile Agent USA, has over 23 years experience in Real Estate Technology including 10 years as a national technology speaker for “It was simple, I saw a need in the marketplace that was not being met” Instead of keeping this new tool a secret, she has shared this new idea to benefit the industry that has never been known for its technological prowess.  This is clearly a “game changer” and Matteson is championing its cause along with her company, to bear and share its fruits.


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