Simona Group owner of Simona America Inc. Buys Laminations Inc.

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( — January 31, 2014) Anaheim, CA — Something big has happened in the plastic sheet marketplace, something you may not know. The Simona Group (owner of Simona America Inc.) has purchased Laminations Inc (aka: Laminations Industrial Products).


Simona America and Laminations Have Lead The Field


For about 15 years, Simona America has been known for some of the best Polypropylene Sheet. They only produce very high quality Polypropylene Sheet, HDPE sheet and PVC Sheet. They also supply small diameter to massive sizes (20″ diameter in several materials) of plastic rod in a variety of materials.  These rod materials are produced at the parent company in Germany. Simona America Inc. is a subsidiary of Simona AG, located in Kirn, Germany.


Laminations Industrial Products is a producer of various plastic sheet materials, including specialty fire retardant plastic sheets that meet the FM-4910 specification. The main products produced are Polypropylene Sheet, PVC Sheet, PFA, ECTFE and Kynar 740 sheet, and each of these materials are produced to meet the Factory Mutual fire retardant specification. This hard to pass specification from Factory Mutual (FM-4910) tests materials to be fire retardant, little or no smoke and no toxic fumes. This is a much more stringent than the older UL 94-V0, which just covers the flame retardant portions, and if material is ‘self extinguishing’.



Management Announcements


Michael Schmitz, the president of Simona America, stated, “The acquisition provides a broader range of products, production methods and more production capacity to capitalize on the potential growth in the North American market.”


Michael Lynch, president and CEO of Laminations, will be CEO of the new Simona America entity.

Laminations Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of HDPE and fluoropolymer sheet and lining laminates. Laminations Inc. is able to produce colored HDPE and plastic that can be used for outdoor conditions. They also produce flame inhibiting polypropylene, PVDF, PFA, ECTFE and PVC.


With this acquisition, Simona will now offer all of these materials under one roof. The acquisition will also improve customer service, and it will add production capacity and efficiency. This acquisition will help product development as well as improve the speed and response time to distributers.  With both companies combined, Simona America will focus on developing and releasing several new products to the market.


New Products To Be Released


One of these new products that was just introduced in a company press release on their website, dated January 13, 2014. The new product, named “Simowood,” is an alternative to the usual wood product. Simowood contains a natural filler that contains rice husks, and it is extruded into sheet form. These sheets can be sanded, cut and spray painted just like the real thing. After sanding, Simowood feels like the real thing, a sheet of wood. Unlike real wood though, Simowood will not swell due to moisture. It is UV resistant and has non-slip properties when wet, so it can resist the weather and be used for indoor or outdoor applications. This is just one of the many exciting products we can look forward to thanks to a smart merger of two companies.


When people hear of one company buying another, they usually assume the worst. Simona and Laminations prove that this is not always the case. This merger between two companies is a smart move for both sides. Not a lot is changing because of this smart acquisition. Product names are not changing, and any changes being made are for the better.  With a smart merger like this, the benefits are positive for both of the companies and the consumer. This is a great example of companies moving forward.

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Simona America Gains Addition Products and Capacity with purchase of Laminations



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