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(Newswire.net — February 1, 2014) Laguna Beach, California — Fat Box Films is not only a classic filmmaking company but also one of the leading sources of quality promotional videos.  Investing in promotional video can be a very smart marketing move for a company on a limited budget, as video tends to be well-received by both web search engines and potential customers.


When it comes to making quality promotional videos, Fat Box Films is a leading authority for two very good reasons:  quality filmmaking practices and communication with clients.  It does no good to invest in promotional videos if they do not reflect either the quality content that promotes a business or the vision of the owners.  Fat Box Films ensures that every promotional video is made to exacting specifications and that business owners are involved in every aspect of the production.


Fat Box Films holds itself to some very high standards when it comes to making promotional videos for companies.  Whether a company is large or small, Fat Box Films can help the business achieve its marketing goals for the month or year.  Through the right use of promotional video production, companies can control advertising costs and still reap the benefits of visual media, proven over and over to be one of the best ways to reach an audience.


Contact Fat Box today for more information on promoting a business through the use of video.


About Fat Box Films:  Fat Box Films is one of the world’s leading small privately-owned movie making studios and offers businesses a cost-effective way to produce quality videos.

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