Student Resource USA Now Making it Easier than Ever to Get Scholarship Funds

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( — February 9, 2014) Phoenix, Arizona — With the start of a new year, Student Resource USA has announced the availability of hundreds of new university scholarships offered exclusively to their clients. Their partnership with many top accredited schools is giving working professionals more opportunities than ever to further their education at affordable prices.


Among Student Resource USA’s current offerings are opportunities for students to get scholarship funds of up to $4,500. They offer scholarships in degree programs varying from Master of Science or Arts in education, psychology, business administration, sports administration, and a Ph.D. in education.


Student Resource USA is thrilled to offer such a wide variety of scholarships and take great pride in their ability to help students achieve their goals. They report, “Nothing gives us a better feeling than when we hear from students who have found success by working with Student Resource USA.” Visit their site to see more details on all of the college scholarships currently available.


For more information about Student Resource USA and their commitment to making higher education affordable for all, visit


About Student Resources USA:  Student Resource USA (SRUSA) is a 100% FREE resource for working professionals looking to reach their personal and career goals. To accomplish this mission SRUSA assists working professionals to identify undergraduate and graduate degree programs that support their personal and professional goals. The also help working professionals locate education grants and university scholarships. Finally, SRUSA shows business professionals how to integrate these resources to develop a strategy for career development. SRUSA has partnered with several regionally accredited universities, offering undergraduate and graduate programs in business, education and other professional areas.

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