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( — February 9, 2014) Tustin, California — The new website of hypnosis authority Cal Banyan,, includes several features that can help professional hypnotists as well as those just learning about hypnosis.  One of the newest features that promises to become one of the website’s most popular options is the free hypnosis course that teaches anyone to hypnotize quickly and effectively.

Becoming a professional hypnotist or hypnotherapist is easier with the right courses and guidance from professionals who understand not only the techniques necessary to induce trances but how to communicate these techniques effectively to a wide audience.  Now, with the help of Cal Banyan’s hypnosis training videos, anyone can learn the best ways to induce trances and to hypnotize friends and relatives.  The skill of hypnotism can be a very handy one to have and many people who learn the basics are eager to learn more.  They can do so by following Cal Banyan’s video series or, better still, by taking a full-fledged hypnosis course at the Banyan Hypnosis Center.  There, students will find out how to learn hypnosis the right way and practice their skill safely and effectively.  

Banyan Hypnosis Center offers hypnosis certification and training to anyone interested in learning this fascinating skill.

About Banyan Hypnosis Center:  Banyan Hypnosis Center is a professional training center that trains quality hypnotherapists from around the world.  Every year, visitors travel from across the globe to meet Cal Banyan and his team of well-trained, certified hypnotists and to learn about professional hypnotism.  Mr. Banyan, who has a master’s degree in psychology, offers not only hypnosis classes but also a weekly “Hypno-Tuesday” video series and publications aimed at professional hypnotherapists.  Mr. Banyan has received many awards for his work, including Educator of the Year and Certified Hypnosis Instructor of the Year as well as many others.




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