Wilmington NC Roofer Helps Homeowners Prevent Winter Storm Roof Damage

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(Newswire.net — February 12, 2014) WILMINGTON, NC  — The Southern States are getting plowed once again by another powerful winter storm called Pax. Storm Leon swept through leaving a cold, icy mess and the North Carolina roofing experts at All Seasons Roofing want to make sure homeowners keep a watchful eye out for potential damages to their roof.


The formation of icicles, ice dams, and excess snow can damage your roof and create even a roof failure. All Seasons Roofing urges howeowners to contact them for roof inspection and repair estimate if they feel their roof has been compromised in these recent winter storms. The winter storm season is not yet over, and damages that will result in a full roof replacement can still be prevented. 


According to The Weather Channel, “By Wednesday, we will see a widespread area of snow, sleet and freezing rain in the Southeast. Significant snow, sleet and freezing rain accumulations are likely in all of these locations with this phase of the storm. Locations that see the heaviest freezing rain accumulations will likely experience power outages and tree damage. In addition to the weight of the ice on tree branches and power lines, gusty winds at times will also add to the widespread power outage threat. ” Source

All Seasons Roofing advises homeowners to regularly inspect their roofs, including gutters throughout the year, but it is especially important to do so during the winter months, where ice dams build up on the roof and cause unsuspecting damage. “We recently provided a roof repair checklist for homeowners to inspect their roofs for potential issues.” says Mike Rivenbark, President, All Seasons Roofing. “the excess formation of icicles on a homes eves and gutters can be an indication there are issues with ice dam build up due to improper insulation or gutter blockage. Icicles can cause a dangerous hazard to anyone walking around the home, pets included…but what is more concerning is when ice dams form, they often freeze up under roof shingles, allowing water to escape underneath and into your home. This often slow leak can cause serious water damage to the roof, and home interiors in addition to the formation of mold. The first step to detecting an issue is to inspect ceilings and attics from inside the home for signs of water leakage.”


Winter storm Pax is going to cause more issues in the south in the coming days, “The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for much of the state from Tuesday into Thursday. Some schools in central North Carolina canceled classes Tuesday. Early Tuesday, light snow was reported in Boone and Monroe, as well as Cherry Point, Hatteras and New Bern in the southeast. Forecasters warn the mixture of sleet and freezing rain could bring down power lines. The transportation department began applying salt water on major highways across the state Monday and can apply another coating if necessary.” Source 


In the event there are downed trees and power lines, carefully observe if any of them have struck your home from the ground before attempting to climb up to the roof line. A roofing contractor should be contacted to professionally assess the damage to your roofing system and make temporary repairs to prevent further damage to your home and protect from impending winter elements. The expert roofing contractors at All Seasons Roofing service much of the areas surrounding Wilmington, Wallace and Jacksonville, NC and will be available to help. To get your free inspection and roofing estimate, call All Seasons Roofing Inc. at any of their three offices in Wallace at (910) 498-0005, Wilmington at (910) 550-3933, and Jacksonville at (910) 459-4550. Call Now before the next big storm hits!


All Seasons Roofing founded in 1952 by Earl Hollar and has been passed down to the current president, Michael Rivenbark. These Wilmington roofing contractors pride themselves in also being a family-owned company, and their roofing work has been featured in several magazines throughout the years. Rivenbark has developed a portfolio to demonstrate the workmanship of his roofing company over the years.  


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