Canadian Meteorologists Expecting Tough Weather for March

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( — March 5, 2014) Toronto, ON — Amid one of the coldest spells in recent Toronto winters, citizens of Canada’s largest city must reflect on the results of similar conditions at the tail end of 2013 that left hundreds of thousands without power for days and weeks. It was a devastating outcome to a series of thaws and deep freezes that ruptured water pipes and added hundreds of extra pounds on our tree canopy. In fact, during that storm Toronto lost a recorded %20 of it’s tree canopy, in estimation by a local Tree Removal Company.


Environment Canada said the storm had hit Eastern Canada hard.


“It was a mighty blow,” senior climatologist David Phillips told The Canadian Press. “It came at a really difficult time for people travelling and doing last minute shopping.”


With recent temperature fluctuations and off-and-on snowfall, we may see similar results. The tree disposal companies have been still working fulltime since December, as was reported by three of the largest in the Greater Toronto Area. The intimidating comparisons being made to December’s flurry of weather has Canadian meteorologists wondering if we’re expecting something similar, and how long we have to wait to find out.


“March at least, is going to be a tough month,” chief meteorologist at The Weather Network Chris Scott told The Canadian Press. “We don’t really get into the more consistently nice spring weather until the middle of April. The good news is we’re close, we’re not far away.”


The East Coast has had average climate patterns for the most part of the new year. 


“We have a company office in Edmonton, Alberta” said Nathan Beckham, co-owner of Tree Care Toronto and Tree Care Edmonton, “but our crew has had a slower winter season than the last recorded five years. We’ve even flown our arborist staff to the GTA to help out with busy weeks.”


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