Scott Tucker Launches Sustainable Undergarments Company

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( — February 21, 2014) Salt Lake City, Utah — 


Scott Tucker, civil engineer and sustainability activist, has launched “Green Wear,” a socially conscious clothing company focusing on underwear and fitness accessories. The company will have pop up shops, along with a large Internet presence and web store.


“I’m excited to bring sustainability into a sector that hasn’t really been covered yet,” says Tucker, Green Wear founder and CEO. “Mixing style with sustainability is important. When people realize it can be really chic to be environmentally friendly, maybe they’ll hop on board in other areas, too.”


Tucker’s first winter line of accessories debuted via the Green Wear website. The line includes underwear for men and women, athletic wear, and sleep wear. Many styles are available, including boxer, briefs, hipster, and retro style. All products retain the natural colors of the material they are made from, so no two pieces are exactly alike.


“The retro style bra and panty sets are where the winter line really shines,” says Tucker. “These look sexy and cool, but didn’t hurt the environment at all. And they were made in the USA, which is another important issue I address with Green Wear.”


Tucker, who was once a civil engineer but decided to leave the field for a more creative career, enthusiastically supports American industry. All Green Wear products are made in factories in California and Oregon. Each Green Wear product comes with care instructions explaining how to wash and dry the clothing, along with a booklet detailing how the piece was made, and other elements of sustainability the company is championing.


Green Wear will offer several different lines each year, along with holiday themed products. Bra and panty sets are already the top selling items, followed by a unisex jogging onesie. New products will be introduced via the company’s website each month.