Serenity Shores Grows To Meet Changing Needs in Orange County

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( — February 22, 2014) Costa Mesa, California —  When Serenity Shores opened its doors in June 2011, the organization was limited to a single Sober Living home.  However, growing to meet the changing needs of Orange County residents was an important part of the Serenity Shores plan for the future, and within one year, two more homes were added.  Later, the group added an Intensive Outpatient Program, a Partial Hospitalization Program, detox services and another Sober Living home for a total of four.  Serenity Shores has quickly become not only a rehab center but also a full-service program for addiction and substance abuse treatment for residents of Orange County and beyond.

Serenity Shores was founded on the belief that there was a gap between traditional rehab treatments and exit into the wider world.  In fact, many people who were “successful” at rehab returned to old habits once they were released from a facility because they simply did not have the skills to cope without that structure.  Serenity Shores was founded on the principle of “Sober Living,” a time period designed to teach former addicts how to live successfully without substance abuse.


As other programs began to realize the benefit of this system, they began to refer patients to Serenity Shores.  Today, the group has grown exponentially thanks to the vision of its founders:  to provide a safe and sober environment to strengthen those who are overcoming substance abuse.


About Serenity Shores:  Serenity Shores is a detox and hospitalization program that also offers an important Sober Living component to assist clients in making the transition back to normal life.  The model for Serenity Shores treatment includes group therapy, education about health, one-on-one therapy, family counseling, Reiki, workouts and life coaching.


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