Double Best Seller: Trend Setting Marketing Tips For Small Business

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( — February 23, 2014) Crystal River, Florida — 

Amid the “marketplace noise” of so many different ways to promote a business, how does a small business owner, entrepreneur or professional discover which are truly high-impact, low-cost marketing strategies that will not only get the person, brand or service “ranked” in online search results (which everyone pushes), but more important, position the owner as the expert authority to solve the prospect’s needs or satisfy his desires?  What strategies can make the brand, owner or professional stand out from the crowd to be trusted and chosen?


That market positioning is a major key to profitable business growth…and there’s a new guide for how to attain it: “Small Business Marketing Roadmaps: Simple Strategies Your Competition Doesn’t Even Know About.”  Published by Jack Mize’s Authority Media Group, LLC, the book contains some high-impact, fresh, yet proven and affordable strategies that have not been shared in Mize’s previous best-selling Small Business Trendsetter publications. Mize, the founder of “Authority Alchemy,” is noted for bringing together top experts in a field to give the market something new and valuable, unattainable elsewhere, and to build the experts’ authority reputations.


Not surprisingly, within days of publication the leading-edge book achieved Best Seller status on Amazon in two highly competitive categories: eCommerce and Web Marketing. Its chapters by experts in different areas of online marketing present completely different aspects of branding and marketing that put a laser-sharp focus on how a busy business owner can achieve results without spending a fortune. Its solid no-fluff, actionable information belies the current low price point on Kindle books.


New Marketing Strategies Leap-Frog Over The Competition,
Boost Authority And Provide Brand Protection.

The powerful culmination of the book is Margaret Hampton’s “double whammy” instruction for How to leap-frog over the competition and WIN.  Hampton asserts:  “It’s attainable. It’s relatively fast. It’s low-cost for the business, and it can be fun.”


“Better yet, here is a straightforward approach for anyone wanting to position their brand, services and expertise in the marketplace. It involves new technology applications together with creative integration of tactics by the marketing consultant. There’s very little required of the client, who can focus on what he does best while becoming a recognized, dominant force and ‘automatic authority’ in his market. These strategies can work hand-in-glove with an ad agency’s approaches or solo, and can jump-start or geometrically increase results from any campaign.”


This help doesn’t come any too soon. According to PRWeb, in 2014 marketing teams will spend $135 Billion on digital marketing and produce 73% more online content than 2013… in an already crowded field.


“Your competition will be spending money and building a presence online, so you must act, too…wisely. Small businesses and professionals today cannot afford to be slack in market positioning, online marketing, brand protection and pro-active reputation management, and that’s a lot. They must attain positive online visibility in all the right places, with the right authority and right message, and make their audience want to share that message and engage with them,” Hampton says.


“So businesses must find easily doable tactics calculated to yield the greatest results the fastest while having some staying power. Then they can not only survive and thrive in this difficult economy, but generate needed funds to ramp things up geometrically for all the other important-to-do marketing strategies that may take more time, effort, money and consistency on the owner’s part.”


Among other things, the two new strategies to leap-frog over the competition speak to the client’s target audience with branding messages which:

  • provide some brand protection,
  • gain visibility for the website and social pages,
  • create content with third party credibility,
  • generate more leads, traffic, calls and/or visits,
  • encourage “social signals” and sharing,
  • create a high quality citation, and
  • provide influential images and messages about the business calculated to help people change their mind in its favor (even if predisposed for a competitor).


Hampton calls her approach a “Double Punch … left-hook, right-hook” powerhouse. It’s spelled out in Amazon Web Marketing best seller, “Small Business Marketing Roadmaps: Simple Strategies Your Competition Doesn’t Even Know About”.   


For the third and knock-out punch, she advocates establishing authority positioning as a published author. She points to help for every step, making writing and publishing a book painless and fast, and expert authority credentials firmly established.


She further insists marketing the book is most effective if combined with the totally new strategies in the “leap-frog” chapter of “Small Business Marketing Roadmaps.” She’s experienced in the unique channels and tactics for book marketing, from Amazon optimization to new ways to get seen on CNN, NBC, FoxNews and more. Now that’s credibility.

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