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( — February 23, 2014) Phoenix, Arizona — The top resolution on many people’s lists is to increase their earning power by furthering their education. Student Resource USA is committed to making that resolution attainable by offering a variety of ways to earn online scholarships to teachers and other working professionals.

Whether individuals are seeking an associate’s degree, a Ph.D., or anything in between, Student Resources USA is a free resource dedicated to connecting people with the scholarships that best suit their educational goals. Their specialists report that, “Student Resource USA only partners with regionally accredited universities that step up to the plate and offer teachers and working professionals with scholarships to help make the decision of going to school more affordable.”


The top scholarships offered for the New Year include $3,000 scholarships for those seeking a MS in Education or an MBA, a $4,500 scholarship for Master of Arts in Education candidates, and many more. With a variety of scholarships and online grants available, specialists can link every learner with the educational program and financial resources that will enable them to turn their resolution into a reality.


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About Student Resources USA:  Student Resource USA (SRUSA) is a 100% FREE resource for working professionals looking to reach their personal and career goals. To accomplish this mission SRUSA assists working professionals to identify undergraduate and graduate degree programs that support their personal and professional goals. The also help working professionals locate grants and university scholarships. Finally, SRUSA shows business professionals how to integrate these student resources to develop a strategy for career development. SRUSA has partnered with several regionally accredited universities, offering undergraduate and graduate programs in business, education and other professional areas.

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