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(Newswire.net — February 25, 2014) Vancouver, BC — New furnaces in British Columbia must achieve an efficiency rating of at least 90%, which is only obtainable through the use of the latest technology in furnace design. Advanced components from computerized control modules to double exchangers and condensation collectors are responsible for getting the maximum amount of heat from the fuel you burn into your home.


If your furnace is more than twenty years old, it could be burning twice as much fuel as a new one. The best furnaces on the market actually achieve a remarkable 98% AFUE now. (annual fuel utilization efficiency)


Complete Furnace Repair & Service


Efficient Furnace provides complete heating system installation, maintenance and repair to British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. With certified HVAC specialists on staff their technicians are experts when it comes to gas-fired, oil-fired and even new high-efficiency electric furnaces.


Should you require a new furnace they will do a proper load evaluation of your home to ensure you get the right furnace. Too small and you risk unnecessary repairs due to work overload. Too big and you face increased costs for fuel and maintenance.

Upgrading to New Furnace Technology

Upgrading from an older furnace may seem expensive, but if you plan to remain in your home for a few years you will realize savings in fuel consumption and repairs, as well as improved comfort and a higher resale value for your home should you choose to move.There are many options when it comes to replacing older furnaces, including government incentives.


The friendly technicians at Efficient Furnace are delighted to help you research the right furnace if that is in the works for you. They carry all the top furnace brands such as Trane, Rheem and Bryant. Call 604-670-4390 for answers regarding furnaces new and old.



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