Canterbury Property Services Teaches Homeowners to Create Wealth

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( — March 10, 2014) Brisbane, Australia—Canterbury Property Services claims to help clients learn how to pay off their own mortgages in three years instead of 30.  How is this possible?  The answer is simple:  create wealth.  In fact, the slogan of Canterbury Property Services is “Creating Wealth and Success.”  


Learning how to create wealth is not simple but it can be done with the right approaches. 

Canterbury Property Services was founded by those who put these approaches into action years ago and have now acquired tremendous amounts of property.  The secret lies in owning residential real estate and in putting into practice several important rules:


•    Retire all non-tax-deductible debt as soon as possible and permanently.  This means credit cards, personal loans and other forms of debt that gain you no credit on your tax return.
•    Decrease and eliminate the amount of tax you pay.
•    Increase your assets beyond your paycheck by investing in things that will bring you passive income.


Once the client has mastered the rules, it is time to use tax-deductible debt to acquire real estate, businesses and other long-term investments.  However, the difference in the Canterbury Property Services system and other wealth-making strategies is that clients are advised never to sell their money-making assets due to tax implications and loss of income.


Currently, 3,300 people are benefiting from the Canterbury system.  Most of the company’s business is repeat business.  Try the Canterbury Property Services system and find out why so many people are enjoying true wealth.


About Canterbury Property Services:  Canterbury Property Services was founded in 1980 and is operated by Robert Riedel, CEO and son of the original founder.


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