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( — March 10, 2014) Chandler, AZ — The staff at Ciao Bella Medical Spa is excited that patients now have an even more convenient way to pay for the cosmetic procedures that have the power to increase their self-esteem: Care Credit. Whereas in the past some clients were unable to afford the breast enhancement or liposuction Chandler residents desired, the introduction of the Care Credit option now makes these procedures affordable for anyone.

This payment option is dedicated for use when paying for the types of health and beauty procedures that traditional insurance plans usually deny. There are no annual fees or prepayment penalties. In addition, there is no upfront cost, which makes this payment alternative highly desirable. Much like a store credit card, you can only use the Care Credit card for the purchase of these self-improvement procedures. 

Every month, you receive a bill that you pay until the balance is paid off. In the course of six months, you can pay off a $1,000 balance with as little as $167 a payment. If you choose a more generous 18-month repayment term, your payments shrink to $56 per month. 

Dr. Zavala-Alarcon is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and greatly cares for the health and overall well-being of his patients. This addition as a client payment option has been a long-standing goal. This physician has personally seen the results of liposuction or breast augmentation attempts by practitioners who may not have had the right qualifications but who lured patients with low fees. Now, Chandler residents finally have the opportunity to get the best medical care at Ciao Bella Medical Spa – thanks to Care Credit. 


Founded in 2007, Ciao Bella Medical Spa is the clinic of Edgardo Zavala-Alarcon M.D. Specializing in liposuction as well as in breast augmentation Chandler beauty patients are enthusiastic about, this clinical spa employs avant-garde and innovative but proven procedures to serve its clientele. Contact Dr. Zavala-Alarcon by dialing 480-686-8121 or click here



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