Blaine Tucker’s Instructional Juggling Videos

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( — March 11, 2014) Detroit, Michigan — 


Instructional videos from Austin juggler Blaine Tucker will soon be available. The videos will teach intermediate jugglers methods for improving their repetoire of techniques using both technical and creative juggling methods.


“There are really two schools of juggling these days,” says Blaine Tucker. “Numbers jugglers go for juggling lots of objects and pulling of athletically impressive feats, while other jugglers focus on increasing the artistry in their juggling.”


Blaine Tucker says that he respects jugglers from both camps and wanted to have each school of thought represented equally in his videos.


The videos will introduce intermediate jugglers to siteswap notation, which Tucker insists is one of the most important tools for learning new juggling tricks.


Tucker commented on the importance of learning siteswap notation: “Whether you’re interested in athleticism or artistry, you need to learn siteswap to communicate with other jugglers and add new tricks to your routine. There are other ways to learn juggling patterns, but nothing is as widely used or easy to understand as siteswap.”


Blaine Tucker’s instructional videos are filmed in the city of Austin and feature members of the juggling community that meets at the University of Texas.


Jugglers can download the videos from Blaine Tucker’s website. Release dates are planned throughout the spring and will be announced on the website and email list.