Authority Marketing Unveiled as Powerful Technique for Entrepreneurs

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( — March 12, 2014) Houston,, Texas — 


Authority Media Group, LLC broadcasts the show, Authority Alchemy, which focuses on helping small business owners position themselves as a leader of their industry using techniques known as authority marketing.


Co-Host Brian Horn stated, “To best explain what the show is about, let’s look at the two words. The definition of authority is: person or organization having power or control in a particular area, niche or industry. The definition of alchemy is: the process of changing something common into something very special. So, Authority Alchemy is the process of changing people that see themselves as ‘common’ into a unique person of power in their industry.”


Coco Chanel, famed designer and entrepreneur, echoes Horn`s statements on the importance of entrepreneurs being different.


Channel famously stated, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”


“This is about new way of branding yourself. Its not about calling yourself the expert,” stated co-host Jack Mize. “Authority is about positioning yourself the right way, so you will have others calling you an expert. This, of course, would include a business` customers calling them an expert, but more importantly it would include 3rd part sources like national and local media outlets claiming them as an expert. We`ll show them easy ways to do that, which can implemented in as little as 72 hours.”


Over the course of the first 20 shows, Mize & Horn explain that business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and even employees all have a level of perceived authority, and it needs to be managed to obtain high levels of success.


“Everyone has a brand. People that succeed are pro-active about making sure their brand is a true reflection of who they are,” elaborated Horn.


Mize went on to say, “If you fail to manage your brand, it is highly unlikely that others will always see the best in you. They can and will develop incorrect perceptions of who you are. It pays to be active and manage how your authority is perceived.”


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