Blaine Tucker Arrested On Narcotics Charges

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( — March 13, 2014) Newark, New Jersey — By Adam Willis


Newark police arrested New Jersey man Blaine Tucker yesterday in his home after an undercover investigation led to the discovery of four kilograms of heroin in a liquor store owned by Tucker.


Police say that they observed Blaine Tucker for three months prior to making the arrest. Information provided by undercover detectives produced sufficient evidence for a New Jersey judge to issue a search warrant for Tucker’s Newark liquor store.


Upon conducting a search of the store’s office, police uncovered four kilograms of heroin, estimated at just over $2 million street value. After discovering the narcotics stash, police arrested Blaine Tucker in his home on charges of possession with intent to deliver. Tucker’s bail was set at $200,000.


Blaine Tucker could not be reached for comments on the arrest. His legal has declined to comment as well. Prior to yesterday’s arrest, Tucker did not have any criminal record. Friends of Tucker say that there was no indication that he was involved in the distribution of narcotics.


This is the second discovery of a large quantity of heroin made by North Jersey police in about a month. On February 9th, police in Patterson, New Jersey found 3.7 kilograms of heroin in an abandoned house on North 4th Street.