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( — March 14, 2014) Huntington Beach, California — Chino Hills, California—May people hear the words “extreme sports” and decide that these activities are too difficult or too aggressive for the average person.  Nothing could be further from the truth, according to Kiran Udeshi, an extreme sports enthusiast from southern California.  “Extreme sports are just like any other activity:  taking it slow and practicing make you proficient.”  

Kiran Udeshi regularly participates in two extreme sports categories that are familiar to most people in southern California:  motorcycle racing and high-speed water skiing.  Each of these sports requires an introductory period to learn the basics and the use of proper safety equipment.  However, according to Kiran Udeshi, almost anyone can learn these sports and enjoy them. 


“Extreme sport does not have to mean extreme danger,” says Udeshi.  “Safety always comes first, but these are two sports that you do not have to be in decathalon shape to enjoy.”
Glamis motorcycle trips at run from October to April in southern California and feature dune racing.  Many people enjoy the thrill of racing through the sand dunes near this tiny town in Imperial County, California.  People who race motorcycles here avoid the problem of traffic on the highways, but should still use all regulation safety equipment such as a full-face visor, helmet and other body protection.


Water skiing at can be enjoyed any time, but is normally a sport for June through October.  Water skiing is also more accessible to the general public, as almost anyone can rent the skiing equipment for a day and join friends in taking out a rented boat.  However, even though water skiing is not considered as dangerous as some other sports, it is important for those who participate to wear a life vest and avoid dangerous maneuvers, particularly if they are just learning how to ski.

As Kiran Udeshi points out, extreme sports do not have to mean extreme danger, but they can always add up to extreme fun.

About Kiran Udeshi:  Kiran Udeshi is a southern California businessman who enjoys participating in extreme sports and is an advocate for extreme sports safety.

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