Rodney Rice from Fitness Expo Supports Nicholls State University

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( — March 18, 2014) Metairie, LA — Students, employees and faculty members will start to become the healthiest in the entire region as Nicholls State University Recreation Center offers their new physical fitness amenities. This innovative fitness center features a 63, 000 sq. ft. workout area, 42-piece cardio room, basketball facility, walking tracks, and wider areas for people to engage in fitness activities. This also includes exclusive training sessions with reliable trainers along with other events such as Pilates and Yoga exercises.


Expect top caliber fitness equipments such as weight benches, treadmills, bikes, elliptical machines and many other types of equipments. Achieving this level of quality for both equipment and space wouldn’t have been possible without the help from Fitness Expo.


The 53-year old president of Fitness Expo, Rodney Rice, other members of the Rice family plus well trained fitness specialists devoted their time, knowledge, and equipments to support this 16 million dollar project for Nicholls State University. The result is fascinating with a facility that can compete with what any other colleges may showcase. This is something that can be truly challenging to achieve without the right guidance from the experts in this field. Thanks to the design and planning initiatives of Fitness Expo.



Proving more than just making the project for Nicholls State University Recreation Center a big success while showcasing their finesse in establishing top of the class fitness centers, this retailer is also known for providing top quality and exceptional fitness equipments for normal end users.


Aside from helping fitness enthusiasts develop the best routines and choose the most effective tools to satisfy every requirement, their ever reliable staff also installs and maintain every piece of equipment delivered whether it goes to a normal customer or a high end commercial client such as the Nicholls State University Recreation Center.


About Fitness Expo: The Rice family has been passionate in offering the best physical fitness equipments which resulted to the establishment of Fitness Expo in 1980. At present, Fitness Expo remains one of the trusted retailers of such equipments due to their standards in exercise machines and fitness programs. Nicholls State University, commercial establishments and other fitness facilities fully trust their expertise, along with general end users who value top of the class customer service.

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