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( — March 20, 2014) Anaheim, California — Lighting has evolved tremendously since Thomas Edison’s first successful incandescent light bulb experiment 135 years ago. Science’s ability to manipulate light has led to advances in medicine previously thought impossible, and xenon lighting technology is part of that heritage. In a xenon arc lamp at, electricity passes through ionized xenon gas at a very high pressure to create light. Originally developed in the 1940s in Germany, xenon lamps have a variety of uses, from movie projectors to search lights to automobile headlamps. Close mimics of natural sunlight, these precision light sources are used widely in the field of medicine for microscopy, endoscopy and minimally invasive surgical procedures.


Products for Medicine, a supply company specializing in biomedical replacement parts, central sterile processing, and operating room equipment in Anaheim at, offers state-of-the art xenon lighting sources the medical community can trust. Because Products for Medicine is both a manufacturer and distributer, they are a reliable source for the latest medical technology as well as a dependable maintenance facility for product repair. Their xenon lamps are made in the USA and carry a 700-hour lamp life warranty, and Products for Medicine’s prices are among the most competitive in the industry.


For medical supplies in Anaheim CA at, Products for Medicine has the selection, pricing, service, and reliability on which hospitals and clinics can depend.  

About Us: Products For Medicine, a small business based in Anaheim, CA, manufactures surgical headlights and xenon light sources both for the medical/dental and OEM markets. In addition to providing a wide selection of tools and supplies for the medical professional, Products for Medicine boasts a comprehensive repair facility for light sources, xenon lamp modules, fiber optic headlights, fiber optic cables, flexible endoscopes, rigid endoscopes and camera heads.
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