Billion Dollar Coaching Duo Shares How to Save the World and Make a Profit

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( — March 20, 2014) Los Angeles, CA — The prospect of saving the world is a daunting one. If you’re looking for someone to give you advice on how to do it, you’d best find a mentor with a penchant for doing the impossible. Enter Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell, two of the world’s most successful business coaches. They’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs create 6-, 7-, and 8-figure businesses. And they’ve helped 7 companies reach the billion-dollar mark. That’s billion with a ‘b’.


On March 20th at 11:00am PST, Franklin and Russell are live via Google Hangout at the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit.  They’ve promised to share their secrets of building a successful business as they let the audience in on their long-term vision of how to save the world.  


Their solution isn’t what you might expect. It’s not advanced technology, luck or super-science. They plan to do it through entrepreneurship.


“What’s truly impressive about Bryan and Jennifer isn’t their phenomenal record of success. It’s their commitment to making the world a better place through their companies and the companies that they mentor,” says Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit founder Jesse Krieger.  Krieger knows what he’s talking about, he’s one of the lucky entrepreneurs who’s been mentored by Franklin and Russell. “They know how to help you break through barriers and achieve massive personal and professional transformation.”


When asked how he and Russell have such a successful track record, Franklin reveals, “We incorporate the best of the human potential movement, neuro-linguistic programming, family systems theory, collaborative systems, sacred theater and neuroscience into our programs.”  After leading more than 20-years of transformational workshops and guiding top-level executives from companies like Apple, Logitech, Google, Cisco and LinkedIn, they’re certainly doing something right. 


If you’re ready to save the world, or at least consider how you might, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone more qualified to show you how.


Details on Franklin & Russell’s live hangout are below.  Participants will need to register at:


As a special Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit bonus, Jesse Krieger is giving away three free chapters of his soon to be released book, Lifestyle Entrepreneur to all attendees of Franklin & Russell’s session.



Live Google Hangout Details:


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Time: 11:00am PST

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Cost: FREE

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