Epic Trends to Implement for Local Search that will Help Businesses

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(Newswire.net — March 20, 2014) Temecula, California — 2014 is expected to bring highs and lows in the online marketing world most importantly that it impacts small time businessmen. Local search marketing is one of the avenue that small time business people are venturing on. In today’s advanced era, consumers rely on the internet when searching for goods and services.

Thus, Local Market Fusion, an internet and local search marketing expert agency have sort out top 3 important trends that will help businesses establish good presence in the search engine results.

Mobile Optimized Websites


Mobile phones or smart phones is more than just for call and text. Today, people can browse in the internet using these devices. Hence, these can also become a great medium that will bring difference to the business.


Having mobile optimized sites can bring good impact to both consumers and business owners. In a recent survey, about 80 percent of consumers utilize their smartphones to browse for shops and do shopping online. It is obviously clear that most of the traffic comes from consumers doing mobile browsing.


Last 2013, Google makes difference in making internet user experiences even more good when it comes to web experience. As part of their efforts, they have developed and improved mobile web interface and experience. In fact, even this year, more and more business invest on having their site to be mobile optimized.


Business Reputation and 5 Star Rating


It’s not just about ranking number one on Google or any other search engine like Bing and Yahoo. Smart consumers rely their purchasing powers based on the reviews and 5 star rating when they are looking for goods and services. Thus, reputation is valuable and uplifts the credibility of the business.


Google continuously focused on ramping local reviews and rating. With Google plus and Google Place, the search giant continues to gather rich reviews and content from local consumers. In addition to that, businesses gaining reviews and ratings from consumers will reap the benefits of having to control reviews, see the ratings and reply to these reviews as they access their Google business place dashboard.


One thing that is more essential when it comes to reputation marketing is that it opens an avenue for local business to encourage their customers on giving them feedbacks that will bring good impact on growing their businesses.


Social Media is still Influential


Social media channels still are the best avenue on driving traffic and then converting these traffics to customers. Building good links and regular content posting on the social media channels will reap organic traffics. So, businesses who have good connection i.e engagement to their customers will be able to establish and build better foundation of loyalty, trust, positive ratings and reviews and even higher conversion rates.


With these updates, marketers will now implement what is more important on growing their business and will earn their hard earned success. Huge opportunities will continuously sprout in the online world for marketers and like the saying goes, “strike while the iron hot”; take advantage of these good stuff and expand the your businesses’ online presence.

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