New Cookbook Announced By Chef Scott Tucker

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( — March 22, 2014) Las Angeles, California — By Eric Smith


Cooking With Fire is the newest project from Chef Scott Tucker. The book was first announced several weeks ago and is now nearing completion. The cookbook features healthy recipes that can be cooked over an open fire. It will be available for purchase in bookstores and online.


The focus of the book is dishes that are simple to prepare and cook. Every recipe in the book is cooked over a flame and uses five ingredients or less. Tucker’s aim is to produce a go-to guide for home cooking with fire. The book contains full color photographs of ingredients, complete meals, and fire.


Scott Tucker commented on the need for open flames: “Along with the instructions for cooking each recipe over a flame will be conventional directions. This is a book directed towards adventurous cooks, but I want it to be accessible to everyone.”


Tucker reports that he has been working on the book for two years, while traveling the world and learning about cooking methods from a variety of cultures, especially cultures where cooking outdoors with fire is a primary technique.


The publication of the book will be accompanied by the premier of a weekly web show featuring Scott Tucker. In the show, Tucker will demonstrate many of the recipes from the book, as well as new recipes that didn’t make it into the book or are intended for future publications.


Cooking With Fire by Chef Scott Tucker is nearly complete and an announcement will be made as soon as the book is published. Tucker says that the book will be on shelves in time for the summer grilling season.