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( — March 23, 2014) Austin, Texas — Most survival web sites focus on providing information to help people survive in “end-of-the-world” or wilderness scenarios.  While this information is undoubtedly valuable, it is not always seen as applicable to everyday life.  Many people take the attitude that “this will never happen to me,” and do not bother to learn skills that could serve them well in a wide variety of situations, such as when a natural disaster strikes.  Survival Life is a different kind of survival website, focusing on the basics of survival and preparedness at in any situation without limiting thinking to only end-of-the-world or wilderness training.


Survival Life takes a logical, no-nonsense approach to survival without any bias.  By dispelling the myths that people who identify as “prepper” at are “crazy” or “paranoid,” Survival Life hopes to empower the greatest number of people possible to survive in any given situation.  Recent events have shown that a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, fire or mudslide can strike anywhere at any time and usually leaves the majority of people unprepared in terms of finding clean water, food and shelter.


For example, a recent article on Survival Life showed how to purify water.  This is a skill that is useful in any environment, whether the person using the skill is off the grid or simply waiting for supplies to arrive after a natural disaster.


By visiting Survival Life, users can find the information they need for all aspects of survival during any disaster situation.


About Survival Life:  Survival Life has the goal of becoming the ultimate one-stop destination for anyone with an interest in survival or preparation.  With a compendium of truthful and unbiased knowledge, original content, product reviews and survival tips as well as curated articles from other sources, Survival Life strives to provide users with the most comprehensive source possible for survival knowledge.


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