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( — March 23, 2014) Huntington Beach, California — Before he joined the Marines, George Bryant struggled with his weight.  The first 20 years of his life were, according to him, “a constant battle” to keep his weight within a normal range.  The constant exercise he received as a Marine helped in this regard, but when Bryant was seriously injured while on deployment overseas, the struggle began again.  Finally, he decided to take matters into his own hands and begin what he terms his “Paleo-journey.”


Today, George Bryant is not only successful in keeping his weight down but is also the author of an award-winning blog known as the “Civilized Caveman” as part of his top-rated website  Many people visit Bryant’s blog weekly to learn more about the Paleo lifestyle and to find great recipes for everything from breakfast to dessert.  However, tracking down particular recipes has been something of a chore up until now.


With the release of his e-format cookbook Caveman Feast, Bryant brings all of his favorite recipes to his fans in one convenient and easy-to-use format.  More than 200 delicious Paleo recipes at, including Paleo bread at and Paleo desserts at,  as well as wonderful

photographs and step-by-step preparation instructions are included so that anyone can be “cooking like a Caveman” in no time at all.


Visit to learn more or to purchase this fantastic cookbook that has quickly become a #1 bestseller.  Anyone trying to live the Paleo life will find a wealth of information and tips for making delicious recipes that meet Paleo standards.


About George Bryant:  George Bryant is a former Marine who is now a self-taught expert in the area of Paleo cooking and recipes.  Mr. Bryant is not only the author of a popular blog but has now released a 200-recipe cookbook that details tips and tricks to make delicious Paleo-friendly food.

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