Nick Perkins Las Vegas Celebrates Number 1 VIP Host Website With Free Bottle

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( — March 26, 2014)Las Vegas– Obviously, there is a time to work, and there is a time to play and have fun with friends at a nightclub. Nonetheless, it’s another thing to go there as a VIP. Nick Perkins now celebrates the launch of his pimp new number 1 VIP host website with free bottle.


According to the Nick Perkins, the renowned VIP host, which is tagged Nicky Vegas, is fast becoming a household name in the entertainment genre. “For those who would like to spend their night at a cool and lovely nightclub, they can take an advantage of the VIP offers on the Number 1 VIP Host website, and they would get the best ‘treats’ they have ever dreamt of, even without having to spend fortunes. For as low as $65, a person can get a nice package that would give him/her a VIP ticket to a Vegas nightclub,” he reveals.


While speaking with Nick Perkins, he states that interested party-goers can find 6 available options on the Vegas VIP host website. To that effect, he says, “An individual that would like to spend a time out at a party or a club show can request for Bachelor Party Package, Bachelorette Party Package, See The Strip Package, Party Like A Rockstar Package, or Concierge Platinum VIP Package. As a way to celebrate the success stories of the site, Nick Perksin Las Vegas now offers a free Champagne bottle to anyone who orders for the VIP packages.”


Nick Perkins speaks further to explain that Concierge Platinum VIP Package is the most exotic package at Number 1 VIP Host. “This is a special package that is designed for corporate party-goers such as business executives who would like to unwind and get relief from the stress of their work day in Las Vegas. Amongst others, the package includes a Champagne limousine pickup from a designated hotel, a VIP hosted entry, and 2 Hottie hosts that would accompany the group of party-goers that might book the package,” he adds.


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