Accurate Prepares For Season Of Air Conditioning Electrical Repairs

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( — March 26, 2014) Arlington, TEXAS — Accurate Electrical Systems and company president Maggie Smith are proud to announce that customers in the Arlington, Texas area should get a head start on warmer weather with the need for air conditioning by arranging for an inspection and cleaning appointment for air conditioning electrical repairs. An air conditioning system functioning at maximum efficiency costs less in utility costs and lasts longer than AC systems which are not in prime working order. The knowledgeable Arlington electrician can assist with the inspection and preparation process.


Maggie Smith, company president spoke recently about seasonal variations in air conditioning needs, “It’s best to get inspections and needed repairs done well before the hot season arrives, with the extra load on equipment and electrical systems. A breakdown due to aging parts when there is the most need for cooling can cost money and reduce comfort in the working environment.”


She continues, “Our trained professionals are the best in the area at the work they do. We are familiar with all the major brands and models of equipment. Any needed repairs or replacements can be done efficiently. We recognize the value of time in our clients’ businesses so we keep the appointments that are set, or respond promptly to emergency repair situations.”


Hot weather can be uncomfortable for humans and pets as well. A properly functioning system for cooling and conditioning the air is vital for health and comfort. Every HVAC system should be checked and cleaned twice yearly in order to maintain operating efficiency.


Learn more about advance preparation of air conditioning systems for warm weather by going to the website at today. Individuals and press corps members who have additional queries about the details contained in this press notice are urged to contact the company at the location described below.

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