Romar Custom Facility Leads Dallas, Fort Worth Industrial Fabrication

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( — March 26, 2014) Irving, TEXAS — Romar Supply, Inc is pleased to remind customers that the custom facility is a leader in the Dallas/Fort Worth area when it involves customized fabrication. The professionals at the family-operated business has the expertise to provide a full range of industrial fabrication services and products. As one of the most rapidly growing suppliers of fabricated steel products in the country, it is also a leader in PVF products.


According a firm representative, speaking to an interviewer recently, “Our location in the Irving area allows us to respond quickly to the needs of customers in north Texas as well as in southern Oklahoma. Our branch office in San Antonio expands our area of coverage into central and south Texas. Custom fabrication is the answer for customers throughout the region who need specialized parts and products.”


He continues, “We can produce fabricated roll hangars, steel pipe supports and fabricated special needs products. We also do carbon or seamless welding, including grooved systems. Our products include sleeves and fabricated skip unites from start to finish. Steel fabrications include hangers, expansion joints, channel supports and strut clamps. The work is done at our new 116K square foot center located in Irving, Texas.”


By doing the fabrication and shop welds in the fully equipped facility, customers save about one third of the cost of the same service done in the field. Work done at the facility has the benefit of the best handling and accuracy equipment to speed the completion of the product.

Learn more about customization service available in the Dallas/Fort Worth area by paying a visit to the website at today. Press corps professionals, as well as others who have more questions concerning the information contained in this press notice are invited to consult with Mark Adair at the following address.

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