PR Marketing Consultant Michael X Reveals Latest SEO Tactics Live At GKIC Superconference

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( — March 30, 2014) Boise, Idaho — PR marketing consultant Michael X revealed the latest SEO strategies for ranking press and news releases quickly and effectively in front of a live audience at the 2014 GKIC Superconference hosted in Dallas, Texas.


Michael announced that he had cracked the code to being able to rank press and news releases in five minutes or less to a crowd of marketing experts and consultants from around the world.


Michael stated “PR Marketing is something that every single small, medium or large business owner can use to get more phone, foot and web traffic to their business and products. As PR Marketing Consultant, I am an advocate and educator of business owners, marketing consultants, and the marketing agencies that work with these businesses to increase their exposure and traffic”.


When Michael X asked the crowd if they would like him to explain the exact strategy he has used to rank his clients on the first page of all major search engines in mere minutes, and how those in attendance could do the same for themselves and their clients, he was met with overwhelming applause and cheers of approval from the enthusiastic crowd.


Michael went on to explain the PR Marketing strategies that he has been using as a PR Marketing Consultant to effectively dominate any industry he worked in.

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