Ultimate Social Media Optimization Strategy for Webmasters

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(Newswire.net — March 30, 2014)  — Social media strategy is discussed live with Tony Hayes in today’s Google Hangout to be broadcast on April 1 2014. Social media optimization is considered the single most important aspect of increasing rankings and traffic in today’s SEO climate. Anthony Hayes famous for being a top expert in search engine optimization (SEO) has teamed up with Robert Stone to bring you this training from the trenches.

Attend this hangout and here is what you will learn:

1. The 1 minute free trick that tells you what keywords to add to your posts for the best social media optimization and on page seo strategy.

2. How to make sure you get fast rankings with one simple strategy that anyone can do.

3. How to get social traffic from your content.

4. How to best develop your social media strategy for ultimate social media optimization.

5. Get best info about the most cutting edge tools available for social media optimization   today and get instant social shares for everything they post.

 Tony explains when using special social bookmarking tools that you can become a social influencer with never seen before automation techniques which harvest unlimited social backlinks instantly whenever a post is made on your website! Truly a one time set and forget strategy that has recently been made a part a new cutting edge software.


 You will learn how anyone with access to his new next generation software may join the ranks of social influencers.



Social bookmarking has become more powerful than ever and many webmasters scrambling to keep up have turned to services like Onlywire, Social Adr and Social Monkee with their social media optimization strategy. Tony has them himself saying “they have good features especially when utilizing upgraded plans but there are certain issues associated with using them so I created my new software to address those issues and eliminate them as a problem.

The problems associated with the predominate tools social media marketing companies use everyday for their clients SEO and social media advertising is that their social media marketing plan has become outdated as Google has become smarter.

Social Media Services and their Primary Issues

Tony says “The biggest issue with all the social media services out there is that they only create one link from each site and its always the same sites on the same accounts every single time creating an obvious unnatural footprint.”

Tony goes on to say “Getting backlinks is fine, but all of these tools are doing just that one thing.  So whats the issue? They do not factor in social shares! Social shares are done naturally when people re-blog or re-tweet and without the two main elements of social sharing and  random accounts being used Google not being stupid knows what`s up!”

We are not done yet Tony says.. “There is still more to take into account. The biggest issue with all the social media optimization service providers out there is that all the backlinks are pointed to the same page and that these social links and shares are done at the same time! Don`t forget that the headlines, social posts and anchor text are also always the same!”  “Then also there are the IP addresses that the social posts and shares were made from. They too are always the same!” 

So in the end and to give it to you plainly most social media optimization is being done wrong. Social media training is being done wrong. Social media advertising is being done wrong. The entire social media strategy sold by social media marketing companies is causing more harm in the long term than the short term benefits gained.

How Bypass the Issues of  Today`s Social Media Services 

So What can you do to deal with the serious problems associated with using today`s social media advertising services? Having recognized their limitations long ago Tony had the ultimate social media bookmarking and sharing created. Introducing the Social Traffic Commando which solves all of the problems with using social media to increase rankings and traffic that no one else has ever approached in a full and comprehensive manner. 

Visit our Google Hangout  for valuable and comprehensive training which wil give you a solid foundation about how to best use social media to your advantage.


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