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( — April 2, 2014) Lake Oswego, OR — 

Custom Mobile Apps For Realtors offers real estate agents a way to differentiate from an increasingly crowded market.   As the market improves, more licenses are issued and many dormant agents are once again becoming active. The National Association of Realtors reports that at the end of 2013 there were 1,042,231 licensed real estate agents in the U.S.  Using a real estate metaphor, the house is getting crowded and it is time to move. 


Brian Buffini, an innovative and successful real estate coach, simply recommends  Calls, Notes and Pop Bys.  His advice calls for consistently being in front of prospects, clients and past clients. The key word is “consistently”.   Buffini  knows this habit alone will separate the agent from their competition.


Now there is a new way to consistently connect to the agent’s market and to stand out from the crowd…the custom marketing mobile application.

More and more apps are hitting the market.  There are search apps, mortgage apps, mapping apps, valuation apps and so on.  However, these products do little to help agents differentiate from their competition.  The new mobile app provides many great experiences for home buyers or sellers.   It uses key features of other apps plus it has the ability to showcase the agent’s biggest asset…themselves …using video, photos, social media, as well as the agent’s take on the market and opinions as a professional real estate advisor.  This develops the know, like and trust attributes necessary for a successful sales relationship.


Dan Crider, the app designer, believes that “my custom mobile app packages the agent’s individual strengths and experiences and delivers a winning impression to their client.  The client gets  to know their agent in a very personal and fun environment plus the agent goes everywhere on the client’s smart phone.  This is an effective way to leverage time and who says you can’t be in two places at once!”


Usually  there are two cost components of this mobile app:  A set up fee and a monthly subscription cost.  However,  Crider also offers a simple lease plan if the agent requests one. He has recently developed a price model for multi-agent brokerages.  Most agents happily discover that the cost fits their budget.


Crider points to a study that shows how real estate agents say they benefit from having a custom mobile app:

  • 41% say the app creates client loyalty.
  • 19% use the app to enhance customer service.
  • 15% say it actually increases closings.
  • 10% point to improved communications.
  • 8% simply say it helps them stand out.

Agents are starting to use their custom mobile apps in creative ways.   Some ask a preferred vendor to sponsor or cost-share.  Some have preferred vendors that offer coupons which saves  the client money.  In return the preferred vendor gets a link to their website inside the app.


Some real estate agents  incorporate the app into their listing presentations.  This  strategy lets the seller know that their new agent will use technology to sell their home. 

Home buyers see the app as a way to keep up with the market. 


The preferred vendors understand that having the right real estate agent partner can grow their business.  Check out the app at


Buffini  recommends calls, notes and pop bys….this dynamic  custom mobile app for realtors adds instant message notifications to Buffini’s list.  A notification can be used to make subscribers aware of open houses, change in interest rates, or just a heartfelt “thank-you from your real estate agent” message.  

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