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Chauncy Heard is a historical archivist that tells your family heritage in a story like fashion with lots of pictures and related items.  This is to give you the best scenario of what you family tree is derived from.  Making your family tree heritage journey fun, exciting, personal and affordable for everyone.  Your family ancestry has never been so exciting given what your family story telling, pictures and family secrets reveal.


Six billion people on earth. Everyone is interconnected – either by acquaintance or by relation. Who knows? Maybe you can track your lineage to that of the royal blooded kings and queens in England.  With Chauncy’s international acclaim from hundreds of testimonials from all over the world, you can bet she will find your royalty and family secrets.  See some here:

            “Oralee O., Amazing photos and information. The amount of work you put into this is astonishing. I am awed by your commitment to this endeavor Chauncy. Learning just how far back the Hatfields go was very interesting. Keep up the good work!”

            “Tammy S. endorsed Chauncy Heard for blogging and market research”

            “Leticia L., Aug 29August 29 2013, Dear Chauncy, I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other users.  Details of the Recommendation: “Chauncy takes great care and effort in her work. She goes beyond the expectations of her clients and she delivers promptly. She has been an immense tool in researching the family line.”

Have you recently discovered the pleasures of genealogy? Many people are hooked to it all for the reason that the information can already be obtained via the internet. It may seem complicated but it’s not really.


Next thing you know you’re hooked and the only way you can satisfy your thirst for knowledge is to read more about the subject matter. With Chauncy’s storytelling way of portraying your ancestry and relatives lives, you’ll become captivated immediately.


We recommend that you check out Chauncy’s “Genealogy:  website and see what everyone is talking about.  Thanks to Chauncy’s expert research and historical knowledge, this process is exciting and rewarding.  This is so that you can enjoy the findings instead of being frustrated in the search of them.  This can be extremely difficult and confusing.  And people who have tried their hand and head out on discovering their lineage admit that it does not come simple the first few times they try it. Sure there are books and instruction guides out there for them to check out and seek advice and more assistance from, but too much knowledge can result to differences and dichotomies of one guide from the next, confusing the reader more.


Chauncy has many tips to share in starting your ancestry, family tree research.  There are some good free resources to use to begin your search.  As your interest and questions get more involved, Chauncy Heard’s service is available for hire.  As a historical archivist, Chauncy will personalize all family tree requests and provides images and stories of your ancestry.  Want to know your complete lineage?  Ancestry? Stop by Chauncy Heard’s website for more details and start exploring yourself in ways you never thought imaginable.


Please also follow Chauncy Heard on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.  Chauncy not only shares a lot of historical family tree information there, she is also extremely passionate about rescue animals and connecting them to new families as well.


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