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( — April 23, 2014) Houston, TX — Paying for makeup that you later found did not work with your skin tone or deliver as promised is a waste of money. Instead of sending away for free makeup samples, frugal expert Amanda L. Grossman has found a way to get most of her makeup for free. 


“For many years I hardly purchased makeup at all, and was one of those people who would send away for free makeup samples,” Amanda explains. 


“But it was annoying waiting for free makeup samples, and if I found something I liked, I still had to shell out for a high-cost makeup product.” That’s when Amanda learned about the Drugstore Game. 


“I lost my job in 2008, and decided that I wanted to learn how to walk out of a drugstore with a basket full of products having paid just pennies on the dollar. I had seen other women do this, and wanted to know how to get started.” 


It turns out that there are people, like Amanda, who use the weekly sales, coupons, and store credits (like ExtraCare Bucks and Register Rewards) to get products like makeup, shampoo, razors, and toothpaste almost completely for free. 


Amanda explains, “once you change the way that you purchase items at a drugstore, you can get most of your toiletry needs for free. In fact, I try to keep my transactions under $1.00 every time I shop at a CVS or Walgreens.” 


Some of the tips Amanda shared with us include changing the order of how you hand over coupons to the cash register at CVS in order to get the maximum discounts (any price-minimum store coupons such as a $3/$15 first, manufacturer coupons second, and then your ECBs/CVS Cash cards), and how you should only purchase products that yield store credits. 


For much more information, be one of the 10,000+ who have checked out The CVS Drugstore Game ( 


Amanda L. Grossman ( is a professional blogger, detailing ways to live in frugal decadence on her blog She has been featured in the Houston Chronicle, Anderson Cooper’s Daytime Talk Show, and LifeHacker. 



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