Life Mastery Institute Discusses Successful Life Coach Qualities

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( — April 22, 2014) Simi Valley, California –Life coaching is the journey of guiding clients in creating, pursuing, and ultimately achieving their lifes’ vision. Although Life Mastery Institute, the world’s leading source for Life Coach Training, has trained hundreds of successful life coaches from varying backgrounds, the life coaching experts do find common qualities among these difference-makers.


First and foremost, life coaches feel a calling within to help others achieve their personal, professional, and spiritual goals. They have a passion to motivate others to reach their dreams that cannot be ignored. Secondly, life coaches believe in the power of others to make significant and lasting changes in their own lives. They have faith that others can take steps toward greatness and that they themselves can guide them along that path. Finally, life coaches are willing to expand their learning; to gain the added knowledge required and transfer that education to their clients. For an inspired individual that shares these qualities of a spiritual life coach, signing up for Life Mastery Institute’s life coach certification is the ideal next step.


Life Mastery Institute has a time-tested training curriculum and a network of supportive coaches to transform coaching dreams into reality. For a step-by-step guide on how to become a life coach, visit their website at

About Us: Founded by award-winning life coach and author Mary Morrissey, Life Mastery Institute is proud to be the world’s top source for life coach training. Life Mastery Institutes takes certification to the next level with its comprehensive training, supportive network of experienced coaches, and proven results for creating successful life coaching businesses.


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