Fire In the Hole Voted Arizona’s Best Hot Sauce Company in 2014

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( — April 22, 2014) — Phoenix, Arizona – Fire In The Hole, LLC was recently designated “Arizona’s Best Hot Sauce Company” in 2014 based on votes taken from a live online survey.


Final results of a new online ballot during which responders were asked to name the “Best Hot Sauce Company In Arizona” and the Best Hot Sauce(s) in Arizona generated what some would claim was a foreseeable result, that Fire In The Hole is rapidly becoming amongst the most popular hot sauce companies in Arizona (and hence, the Southwestern US) based on their extensive selection of bold and flavorful hot sauces likely to please all taste-types.


The opinion poll and subsequently, the designation of “Best Hot Sauce Company in Arizona” was set up quickly after an intense debate started about which Arizona-based company would be able to make such a claim to that highly contested distinction.  


In an effort to keep the ballot impartial to all hot sauce company participants, the survey was created online and the winner was identified by taste testers independently.


Immediately after the opinion poll closed, Fire In the Hole’s Garlic Grenade (best taste overall for green sauce, mild category) and Habanero Hellfire (best taste overall red sauce, most hot category) hot sauces enabled the company to run away with the coveted title.


The owners of Fire in The Hole, Brian Cavalo and John Gundacker, believe that what sets the hot sauces produced by their company apart from the competition is their strong belief to use only the finest all-natural, raw ingredients sourced from local-area farmers.  Couple that with the fact that the duo actually enjoy their work, and have a clear passion for the business… leads to hot sauce recipes that aren’t run-of-the-mill. 


After the results were in, Brian was cited as stating “To be honest, I didn’t even realize that there was a poll being carried out at all.  I’m surprised that so many folks know our name and are familiar with our products!”


Brian was also mentioned declaring “We strive to deliver the best tasting hot sauces, and are really energized about now being able to ship our hot sauces to customers worldwide, whether they’re individuals, restaurants or retail stores.” 


John said “Hearing that hot sauce connoisseurs throughout the state have actually acknowledged us as the Best Hot Sauce Company In Arizona is not only a honor, it is also a privilege that will motivate us to work even harder in an effort to expand our offerings in 2014.”


For additional information please contact Brian or John at (855)777(855)777-FITH(855)777-FITH (3484).


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