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( — April 29, 2014) Hilo, HI — A study at RIKEN-MIT Center for Neural Circuit Genetics to be published in the May issue of Cell confirms a link between consciousness and coherent gamma oscillations in the brain. Wolf Singer first proposed that gamma waves linking the hippocampus and the cortex could be essential in memory formation over 20 years ago in 1993. The new confirmatory study on working memory at MIT was initiated in 2006 by Nobel Prizewinner Susumu Tonegawa. When gamma waves are blocked, mice lose their ability to accurately recognize and navigate a maze.

The timing of these circuits in the brain’s white matter may be regulated by astrocytes that form the myelin sheath around segments of the nerve cell axons. It has been assumed that myelin acted as a passive and static insulation on certain axons simply to speed up nerve conduction. New research at Harvard just published in this month’s issue of Science shows that myelination of higher neurons in the neocortex can be intermittent. Movie S1 shows two cycles of myelination on an axon, consistent with potential involvement of higher octaves of resonance proposed in the Clinical Theory of Everything. This is “a discovery that turns 160 years of neuroanatomy on its head” according to the researchers’ official blog at Harvard Stem Cell Institute.

Research published today in Frontiers of Systems Neuroscience confirms that training higher level thinking skills promotes organic brain development and improves cognitive function independent of age or grain health. Stimulating the functions of higher consciousness actually improves the wiring in the brain and improves communication between the brain’s cortical neural networks, all of which can synchronize via their gamma wave connection to the midbrain, located at the center of curvature of the brain’s neocortex.

A Clinical Theory of Everything identifies higher octaves of coherence related to consciousness function. One octave above the gamma waves are microsaccades, the microscopic movements of the eyes that are essential to maintain visual consciousness. When researchers stabilize an image on the retina, blindness is immediate.

At two octaves above the center of the gamma frequency range is a frequency known in ancient Tibet and China as the “Dominant Harmonic Frequency of Nature” used during 1,000 years of peace as the primary standard of measurement throughout all the provinces of China. The frequency was independently rediscovered in modern times in the search for a frequency harmonic to the condensate minerals thought to make up the spirit body that serves as the vessel of consciousness in the Clinical Theory of Everything. In the theory, the superfluid, superconducting forms of the transition minerals are related to Bose Einstein Condensates, subject of the 2001 Nobel Prize, as well as ORMEs patented in 1989 by David Hudson.

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Sandra B. Chapman and Raksha A. Mudar
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