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( — May 5, 2014) Lake Oswego, OR —  The Best Portland Realtor just published a 353 page book entitled “First Home.”   The book asks “who else wants to buy the perfect home in the best neighborhood at the lowest price legally possible in 90 days or less?” This is a book written for the first time home buyer.  Dan Crider, best Portland Realtor, is a practicing real estate agent specializing in helping first time home buyers avoid the stress and anxiety of a complicated buying process.  In this book, the home buyer will learn 15 steps to guide them through the home buying journey from the beginning application to the final signature.  They will also get time-tested real estate buying strategies to finding the right house and negotiating the best deal possible.


“First Home” is divided into 3 sections:  Getting Prepared, Looking For Houses, and The Final Stages.  Each section is filled with action steps for the home buyer.  The Best Portland Realtor is careful to avoid “insider” jargon and terms that can be confusing and writes the book as though the client was sitting across the desk from him.  


The BOOK goes into depth about all the vital parts of buying a home.  Crider says that “by reading this book, you will receive in-depth knowledge and recommendations about what you should do when choosing the right home.”  Real examples are included to illustrate mistakes to avoid.  


There are 15 “First-Time Homebuyer Empowerment Program” action steps that encourage a specific activity.  Crider points out that home buying is a contact sport.  As many as 15 different professionals from 8 different businesses are contacted using 80 or more emails and also over 100 phone calls.  There is practical advice such as “eating a good breakfast and getting plenty of rest” for the closing day shuffle.





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Dan Crider is a licensed real estate agent with an office in Lake Oswego, OR. He has worked with distressed homeowners during the “Great Recession.” Now, he enjoys helping first time home buyers avoid the problems and heartaches or distressed homeowners. Mr. Crider insists that proper preparation and thorough understanding of the buying process will eliminate the most common buying mistakes. He is a principal broker with the Lake Oswego based Premiere Property Group.

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