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( — May 19, 2014) Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA — Phillip Hatfield is an inspirational motivational speaker and accomplished author who has travelled the world sharing his story of personal tragedy and triumph in both his personal and business life. Speaking with all types of groups, from multi-million dollar corporations right through to small groups of underprivileged youth, Phillip Hatfield has found a great passion for helping small businesses to get back on their feet, make a profit and thrive.

Sharing his experience in business that saw him rise to the top of his field in both the construction and hospitality industries, Phillip also shares of his personal tragedy that left him fighting for his life and having to face his future as an amputee. Since his car accident in November 2008, Phillip has had to readjust his life’s course, and has found that his greatest passion is in helping small businesses realize their full potential.

Based out of Dallas, Phillip is a highly respected motivational speaker, with an ability to bring positive change to an organization or team. A recognized business coach with the Zig Ziglar Corporation, Phillip is known as the “Turn Around Guy,” having turned large and small businesses back from near failure by instilling a positive change into the organization’s culture and people, and returning them to a healthy profit.

A fantastic communicator, Phillip Hatfield speaks with experience, passion and honesty. “The keys to my success are my faith, family and friends” said Phillip. “I share the importance of my deep, strong foundation and commitment with those I speak to, helping people to realize that these foundations are also key to succeeding not only in their personal life, but also in business, no matter what their chosen industry.”

Accomplished author with his first book, “Carried by Angels,” Phillip Hatfield has received rave reviews for his open and honest telling of his personal story from tragedy to triumph, learning how to rise up and find a new and positive course for his seemingly uncertain future. He is due to release his second book, expected to be just as successful as his first, in June, 2014.

Phillip’s background in business is impressive. Starting out in construction and then moving into hospitality, at only 26 years of age, Phillip was the youngest General Manager and Vice President of the five-star rated Ramada Hotels, part of the larger Barker Enterprises. His ability to lead, motivate and inspire his staff and management saw him succeed in the most difficult of business situations. With dedication and passion, he turned troubled hotels into enormously profitable enterprises.

Phillip has also successfully researched and developed products and processes for construction companies all across the U.S. His products continue to be successfully marketed and sold across the country.

Statistics show that 25 percent of small businesses fail within the first year throughout the U.S. In the second year, that figure jumps to 36 percent, while in the third year, there is a 44 percent failure rate. With the global economic crisis hitting America, and the world, hard, small businesses have to keep tight and smart in order to survive in many industries. According to research carried out by Bradley University and the University of Tennessee, 46 percent of small businesses fail because of incompetence, such as lack of industry knowledge, lack of experience or lack of planning. Numerous top research companies have also studied the effects that low staff morale has on an organization. Low staff morale has been proven to lead to high employee turnover, leading to low productivity, which then leads on to loss of profitability.

“The vast majority of small businesses simply don’t have the financial backing to cope with high staff turnover, low productivity and reduced profitability” said Phillip Hatfield. “All it takes is some simple strategies to guide management, and in turn, staff, in the right direction, looking forward in a positive mindset about the business. Get business morale up and pretty soon, profit goes up too.” Phillip has helped guide a wide range of small businesses back into profitability.

Phillip is a regular keynote speaker at various business conferences, training seminars and company meetings, nationally and internationally. A certified Ziglar keynote speaker, Phillip shares of his personal tragedy, passion for life and experience in business in a real and memorable way to inspire those he speaks to. From school meetings and youth events to business seminars and international conferences, Phillip Hatfield’s dedication to helping those realize their purpose, passion and potential is evident in how he speaks and in the testimonials of those who have been fortunate enough to hear his inspirational message.

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