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( — May 21, 2014) Colorado Springs, CO — Dr. Gary Moore has strove to ensure that his patients are given the best care possible. Thus, he utilizes the most advanced technology to fully accommodate patients. Stetson Hills Dental has made great leaps forward in regards to ensuring that their technology is as up to date as possible. They have introduced many great procedures and use products that gives their patients the best smile possible.

Stetson Hills offers many of the services that traditional dentist offer, but they make use of several great technologies to allow them to more easily diagnose potential issues. Stetson Hills makes use of CEREC, which is used to build porcelain restorations of crowns, inlays, veneers, and onlays. With CEREC, fractured, chipped, or decayed teeth will be restored accurately and in a way that matches the patient’s smile perfectly. Best of all, this procedure can be completed in single visit. To do this, Dr. Moore removes the tooth decay and sprays the area with a powder that allows the CEREC camera to capture an accurate image of the tooth. In less than an hour, Dr. Moore creates the restoration and the implant is put in place. To learn more about the technology used at Stetson Hills, visit:

In addition, Stetson Hills makes use of the Panorex, which is an imaging device that gives a full 360 degree view of the mouth, head, bones and even sinuses. This allows Dr. Moore to see, at a glance, the way the jaw and teeth come together, so as to identify the potential problems that may need to be addressed. To top it all off, Stetson Hills also makes use of the following technologies. They screen for oral cancer, use an X-ray machine that uses 80 percent less radiation, a special camera that allows Dr. Moore to look inside the mouth at multiple angles, as well as a special device that allows root canals to be performed more easily. Finally, Stetson Hills Dental uses special handpieces that clean teeth more efficiently and doubles as a special camera that provides Dr. Moore with a 3d representation of the mouth. This allows them to more easily see sinuses and even nerves. To learn more about Stetson Hills Dental, visit:

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