Dog Trainer, Luzelle, Of Solution K9 Dog Training New Plymouth, NZ Launches New Website

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( — May 24, 2014) New Plymouth, Taranaki — Dog Trainer, Luzelle, of Solution K9 Dog Training New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand has announced the launch of their new website.

This May Solution K9 Dog Trainers opened their front doors for local Taranaki and New Plymouth businesses within New Zealand. Directed by founder Luzelle Cockburn, Solution K9’s expert services cover a wide range of House Training, Manners, Obedience Training, Practical Skills And More. Solution K9’s aim is to personalize their particular training packages to accommodate the specific requirements of a clients dog. Solution K9  provides basic training for those dogs which have trouble with obedience to much more advanced training which teach dogs unlimited commands as well as to successfully enable them to be off the leash. Solution K9 Dog Trainers offers effective scientific ways to treat dogs from the mild to the wild so that you can have the dog you imagined: a loyal obedient best mate.

Luzelle comments, “I understand how much your dogs behaviour affects your life. We have solutions on our new website for your problem dog, so you can feel less exasperated, have a harmonious home and have a dog you can be proud of.” She also mentions ” We can also help you with your competition dog who would rather be anywhere but in the ring. Competition obedience is my passion and i know how to get the best out of your competition partner. We help your dog to be more animated and precise for competition. To be happy doing boring obedience or long heeling sequences. This is what dog training is all about.”

Solution K9’s training is reward based and scientifically sound. We asked Luzelle how she trains dogs. Here is what she said: “Firstly we teach them to understand us, then we show them what we want. We add in lots of games so both of you have fun while you are training. Training this way builds a strong bond with your dog, tires them out mentally so they have less destructive behaviours. It also means you end up with a dog that wants to please you and understands what you want. We can also help you teach your dog practical skills such as: Finding your keys (retrieve or point), getting your handbag or newspaper and much more.”

Solution K9 also has puppy training programs and packages for those cute fluffy young puppies. They also run the only puppy classes in Taranaki, New Zealand specially aimed at raising sport puppies. These classes are also suited to raising well-adjusted pet puppies as well.

Solution K9 is very proud to announce the launch of their dog and puppy training website. Featured on their website are their dog and puppy training packages along with videos and contact information. If you would like more information about training your dog or puppy please contact Luzelle Cockburn on 021 144 4368 or visit her dog training website

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