New Log Lugger: Created to Make Light Work Of Heavy Loads

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( — May 27, 2014) Hastings, Victoria —  Rod Lawrence, an Australian entrepreneur with decades of experience in the construction and outdoor market behind him, has turned an everyday frustration for him and his wife, into a new online venture.


His creation, born out of a desire to make his nightly trip out to collect firewood easier and faster, as well as the need to placate his wife’s requests that he avoid trailing bark and bugs behind him on each trip, was a simple but practical log carrier which he’s named My Log Lugger.


Simply fed up of having to go collect logs, a laborious, back-breaking task, while everyone else stayed warm indoors, and annoyed at the mess he left behind him, he began testing the various log carriers on the market. Many were too cumbersome or simply not strong enough for the task. Others held large loads but were hard to carry. So, he sat down, sketched out his requirements and got on with the process of finding a manufacturer who could produce one to his own exacting specification.


Thanks to a supplier in China and online distribution channels meaning a faster route to market, the product eventually launched this month as My Log Lugger. It is now available worldwide, for between $13US and $19US, depending on the outlet, and has already sparked particular interest in the USA as well as in his own country Australia.


Essentially a simple but sturdy PVC lined, moisture resistant canvas style bag, weighing just half a kilo but strong enough to carry a 20kg load with ease, My Log Lugger allows you to bring the night’s wood inside in one trip only. It keeps the wood dry and it prevents any mess. 


One satisfied customer, Ben Purdie, summarises the appeal of the product saying: “Incredible value for money, the bag is tough as nails! I was carrying my six year old son around in it after we took it out of the box. It looks great as well and rolls up nicely next to the wood box. My wife is already loving the fact that lighting the fire isn’t going to leave a great mess every night.”


While reviewing the product on Amazon, another customer, Gerry Gorringe, comments: “Great find… keeps the logs, kindling and bark scraps all in the bag and not spilling on to the floor when you carry in from outside. Light but sturdy to carry, folds up really easily and is not an eyesore. I use mine when I pick the vegies from garden as well. Everything I wanted from this product and more. Practical, strong and inexpensive.”


Lawrence concludes: “I’ve been surprised and delighted by the reaction to My Log Lugger. At first I thought I was the only one struggling to collect logs for the fire easily or the only one who hated going in and out until there was enough wood to last the night. Or that I had the only wife who just didn’t understand that I wasn’t dropping bits of wood all over the house on purpose. Then I realised just how many people shared my problem and how poor the existing solutions were.”


“It’s such a versatile bag too, because of its strength, I’ve heard of people shopping for vegetables, carrying tools and even transporting pets in it which is just great. I hope it’s the first of several practical products we can launch through the Envirroplus brand.”




For further editorial information, digital photography or to arrange interviews please contact Rod Lawrence via or on +61 359 798 388.


Editors’ Notes:

Rod Lawrence is the creator of the Log Lugger. He is a director with Envirroplus, a family owned Australian business. With over 40years’ experience in designing and launching construction and outdoor products, the business is actively seeking new products that provide great value and versatility for its customer base.


Envirroplus is based at Fact 1/4 Lyall Street, Hastings, Victoria, 3915, Australia.