Blair Stover Offers Insight on New Taxi Apps

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( — June 17, 2014) Scottsdale, Arizona — While technology is always improving, some advances are not welcomed by everyone.  Cab drivers, for example, are not happy about some new apps that allow customers to order and pay for cabs right on their cell phones.

London cabbies, in particular, are upset with Uber, a London cab app that discourages tips and sends the driver closest to the fare to the pickup site rather than assigning customers on a rotating basis as a dispatcher tends to do.  Although customers love the convenience of Uber, cabbies have expressed frustration with the new app and have protested the fact that the new cabs utilizing this service are being allowed the same privileges as traditional cabs without being forced to meet the same standards.

According to Blair Stover, who can be seen on, the failure to accept new technology is not limited to the cab industry.  As she points out in her blog, located at, there are many reasons why industries may not embrace certain programs, particularly if the people working in that field believe that the technology may negatively affect their ability to make a living or may force them to change the way they do business.

For more information about the war between London black cabbies and Uber, read the rest of Blair Stover’s blog. 

About Blair Stover:  Blair Stover is a technophile who blogs on all types of technology subjects.  She discusses anything to do with the latest apps, programs, software and computer hardware on her blog, which can be seen at


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