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(Newswire.net — June 16, 2014) Spotslyvania, Virginia –The electronic cigarette provides smokers with an alternative to traditional cigarettes that boasts the end of tar accumulation in the lungs, stained teeth, offensive odors, and cigarette-induced furniture damage. In other words, the smokeless version is all about options. However, many marketplaces for this equipment offer narrow choices of e-liquid flavors, cost-prohibitive price points, and limited variety of inventory. Apovoe, the industry leader in the e cig, as seen at http://apovoe.com/eliquid.aspx, is thrilled to introduce options for clients that make stocking up on vaping supplies easier than ever before.


With the largest collection of ecig kits, as featured at http://apovoe.com/tobaccoflavors.aspx, at the lowest prices anywhere in the country, Apovoe believes its customers deserve a wide assortment of options at prices they can afford. In addition to starter kits, The Virginia-based company carries an extensive selection of e-liquid flavors for vapor cigarettes, as seen at http://www.apovoe.com/fruitflavors.aspx, ranging from flue cured and menthol flavors designed to mimic leading traditional cigarette brands to blueberry and watermelon varieties to take advantage of the crisp fruit harvests of summer. The low-price leader also specializes in offering replacement parts, including wall plugs, sleek carrying cases, and USB cables, at competitive prices, setting it apart from competitors that insist clients purchase a full kit just to replace a single accessory.


For the most options when it comes to smokeless cigarettes, Apovoe has the starter kits, vast assortment of e-liquid flavors, and replacement parts, all at unbeatable prices.

About Us: Apovoe is the preeminent source on the web for vapor cigarettes and accessories. The Virginia-based company maintains an impressive selection of e-cigarette kits, accompanying accessories, varieties of e-liquid flavors, and replacement equipment.

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