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( — June 27, 2014) Calgary, Alberta — Summer and renovation seasons are here, and Trademark is looking forward to continuing their already great year. The summer renovation season brings in people who are ready to renovate to their homes, or at least think about planning for the future. General Contractors are the people in the industry who oversee the successful completion of work for big and small renovation projects for companies such as Trademark Renovations, and Marc Gibbons is one of such general contractors. “Proper construction project management is essential to complete any work successfully”, said Marc, “without it, our work would be absolute chaos”. A remodeling contractor‘s responsability is to make sure that the design that is chosen by the client will be completed to specifications, and Marc insists that the result is just as important as the planning.


Calgarians planning to do some work this summer should also understand that since it is the busy season, many general contractors are already booking 6-8 months in advance, so expectations of having something done in time for fall may have to become pushed back to next spring or summer.


Being in the home building and renovation business for over 30 years, renovation expert and business owner Blair Foisy has gained a tremendous amount of experience in a project management role and is one of top the general contractors in the city. Mr. Foisy notes that being a general contractor means that one has to wear “many hats” at times in a project, but the gratitude and seeing happy client faces is well worth the time and dedication that it takes to complete a job well done. In speaking of a job well done, one of the industry’s most coveted awards is the Consumer Choice Award, which shows a consumer’s appreciation of an individual and/or company that is dedicated to making their customers happy. In the renovation industry, many businesses are extremely happy when they receive this award, mentioning that when they are presented with the honor of the Consumer Choice Award, they obtain some extra work from the exposure the award provides the business.


Sarah Jocobson, a proud Calgary homeowner said that, “when looking for a general contractor in Calgary, i was told to look for a respectable company who’s awards are not only chosen by their peers, but also the people they serve, who happen to be their customers”. Sarah explains that “word of mouth and my friends’ referrals are still the best way to find a company that works for me”, and finding a Calgary renovation business that does great work at a great price is “hard to come by”. When looking for a business in Calgary that will take care of your renovation projects this summer, a reputable company should provide you with customer testimonials and that they have some third-party reviews. If you are looking to start planning a renovation this summer, check out renovation-specific sites such as Houzz and Homestars to find a company that will work for you. For more information, you can learn more about the renovation business and a different style of general contracting at:


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