The Independent Woman Financial Workshops — Coming to the New York City Area, July 23-26

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( — June 25, 2014) Cape Coral, FL — The Independent Woman, a leader in financial training for women, has opened registration for 4 upcoming New York City area events. Women interested in discovering how to build a financially secure future for themselves and their families are invited to attend one of these informative financial workshops. 

“It is projected that 66% of women over the age of 35 will find themselves in poverty when they retire if they don’t start taking action now,” stated Kim Kiyosaki, bestselling author and Independent Woman advisor. “Money is no longer a man’s game. There are no limits, no ceilings, glass or otherwise, for women in the world of investing. It’s a new day and the perfect time to discover how to take control of your own financial future.” 

The Independent Woman Workshop is designed to give women a chance to learn financial strategies in a fun, interactive, and non-intimidating way. The emphasis at each event is on the importance of acquiring a strong financial education and giving you more choices in life. It could mean having more time to spend with your family and friends or doing what you want, when you want, where you want, and with whom you want.

These workshops will be led by Nicole D’Ambrosio. Nicole began her real estate investing career in 2000 at the age of 21. By 2003, she was running her own commercial brokerage. In 2007, Nicole appeared on the NBC television series The Apprentice where she received constant praise from Donald Trump. She has been involved in real estate transactions, many of them multi-million dollar deals, for office buildings, multi-family units, undeveloped land, distressed properties and bulk residential properties. Nicole is an active member of Young Real Estate Professionals (YREP) and Real Estate Investment Association (REIA).

Some of the key topics that will be covered at the workshop include:

· How to become more comfortable with the language of money
· How to strengthen your inner confidence and develop a positive attitude about becoming an investor
· Where to find opportunities regardless of the economic climate
· How it’s possible to create multiple streams of additional income

In addition to all the valuable information that will be shared at the event, every attendee will receive a complimentary CD-ROM loaded with a wealth of practical financial information.

Women living in the greater New York City area who are ready to discover how to create financial security for themselves and their families are encouraged to attend one of these informative, complimentary events by visiting The Independent Woman website or by calling 888-596-7272.

Kim Kiyosaki will not attend this event.

Additional products and services will be offered for sale.

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The Independent Woman is a leader in the effort to provide educational training, seminars, and services designed to help women increase their financial intelligence. The company strives to create strong networks of women helping other women to achieve success and personal fulfillment in their lives by sharing with them the principles and strategies necessary to attain financial independence. The Independent Woman trainings, products, and services were created with input from Kim Kiyosaki, investor, entrepreneur, and bestselling author of Rich Woman and It’s Rising Time. Our seminars are avocational in nature and are intended for the purpose of the accumulation of wealth by, and the personal enrichment, development and enjoyment of, our students.

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