IVF Costs And Desperate Times Cause Desperate Measures To Have A Baby

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Infertility is a source of worry the world over, but in numerous areas the awful preconception attached to childlessness makes it even harder to bear. Reports from South Africa show that the response could be a very simplistic system that would even fit inside a shoebox and uses low-cost active ingredients you might discover in a kitchen larder.


In the past infertility has actually been overlooked in developing countries, partly due to the policy of regulating overpopulation, however professionals say that a real reproductive health system has to deal with both sides. Family planning for those who want to avoid having a baby, and IVF fertility treatment for those who long to have a baby but cannot conceive in a natural way.


Nosiphiwo, from South Africa, had actually been trying to have a baby for many years when her partners family asked her for their dowry back. She was ostracized by her in-laws for being childless, and was literally cut her off from the rest of the community too. She says women in her scenario in some cases turn to suicide, and quite openly said “I thought of doing that due to the fact that you just don’t have any other real choice.”.


Belgian obstetrician Dr Willem Ombelet worked in South Africa in the 1980s and saw many cases like Nosiphiwo’s. He carried out IVF therapy for those who could afford it. Ombelet utilizes a streamlined system which moves the entire IVF lab into an aluminum heating block containing a pair of test tubes for each embryo, and all inside a shoebox-sized container.


Even in developed nations the majority of women who are desperate to have a baby simply cannot pay for the expenses included with IVF, so Jessica Menkhausen, a 34 year old United States mother in 2013 agreed to become the first effective live IVF implant on TELEVISION, and then went on to conceive a healthy 6 Pounds, 5 Ounces baby on LIVE TV. Twelve months earlier, Jessica Menkhausen and Derek Manion could never have believed that their live IVF treatment would bring them a baby girl, but after nine years of trying to conceive, and with 2 ectopic pregnancies, mom Jessica Menkhausen, 34, underwent in vitro fertilization (IVF) on NBC’s Today Show last September. 9 months later, she received the greatest gift she had ever hoped for – a beautiful healthy baby girl.


The procedure was performed by Dr. Sherman Silber of St. Luke’s Medical facility in St. Louis, Mo. The sperm of her fiance, Derek Manion, was injected into a harvested egg in a Petr-dish and then implanted back into her. In October, the couple told the Today Program that Menkhausen was pregnant, and then LIVE on the show the couple shared their new miracle with the world. The couple couldn’t have been happier to have such a bundle of joy in their lives, and were quoted saying “she is the love of our lives and everything that we had ever hoped and prayed for. Everyone thought we were crazy, taking that chance.” Baby Chloe was delivered through Caesarean section and came in at 6 pounds and 5 ounces.


IVF costs can be a stumbling block for many couples looking for to have a baby, and a great number of them eventually turn to having IVF treatment abroad, where IVF costs are usually less costly. In Europe the majority of UK couples end up heading out to Spain for in vitro fertilization treatment. If you are also thinking about having IVF treatment abroad, IVF-Spain present a personalized IVF cost plan by means of a free online consultation, found on this page: http://ivf-spain.com/treatments/first-visit/







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