Tickets to the College Football Playoff Game Are Within Reach

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( — June 30, 2014) Lake Forest, IL — Fans have been demanding it for years, and this season, it’s finally going to happen – the College Football Playoff. For fans, there’s nothing quite as exciting as this prospect, except, of course, tickets to see your team play. Not sure that will ever be possible? Thanks to the new TeamTix software platform employed by, the official website of the playoff event, it’s possible to reserve a ticket for your team’s big game right now.

Monetizing The Potential For Success

College football fans have looked forward to the idea of a playoff event for years. The idea that they might be able to see it in person is huge. It’s going to be a bit tough to know who might be playing, though, until the event itself, and by then StubHub will have seats available for thousands. Fans who wanted tickets at the face value price will be out of luck.

Enter the TeamTix software platform. It allows  and many other event holders to offer a ticket reservation to fans for a small price. Once the team makes it to the playoffs, fans can cash in their reservation, and pay just face value for the ticket itself. The cost of the reservation depends on the team’s popularity.   

Wondering if this amazing platform will actually work in this setting? Expectations are running very high, and most believe this is only going to increase excitement for the event.

“We expect tremendous demand,” Bill Hancock, Executive Director of the College Football Playoff said. “We expect Final Four, Super Bowl-type demand.”

Keeping the Reservation

Fans can sell their ticket reservations down the road if they like. A fee of 10% of the sales price is charged, though. The goal here isn’t to create a ticket broker’s profit paradise. Instead, the goal is to offer real fans a chance to connect with their teams without the excessive prices often charged by primary markets like Ticketmaster and secondary markets like StubHub.

“80% of the reservations are never sold,” said Tim Browne, the TeamTix CEO. “This is really about the fan. Our platform is designed to do everything it can for the fans.”

The TeamTix software platform isn’t just for the new College Football Playoff, either. Instead, it’s already been used by big names like the BCS title games to offer fans the same chance to connect with their teams.

With excitement riding high this early in the year, you may want to reserve your tickets on using this amazing platform now. 


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