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     The new EDDM Program at the United States Post Office has proven to save Real Estate Agents up to 41% on overall cost of mailings from New Method, LLC.

     The Jumbo Postcards that New Method, LLC sends out are a 5.5″ x 8.5″ Full Color both side Postcards that has a UV Coating on the front side.

     New EDDM Postcards due to the Postal Regulations must be a larger size. New Method, LLC is printing what they call a Super Jumbo size Postcard that measures 5.5″ x 11″, so the Realtor is getting a larger postcard for 41% less than the Jumbo smaller Postcard that they normally send out. It is truely a great deal! The post office delivers to an entire carrier route within any zip code. Residential deliveries can be specified so the postcards won’t go to businesses if that is what the Realtor wants to request.

     This is really a great way for a Realtor to set up a Farm Area at an incredible low price. New Method, LLC will be happy to answer any questions any Realtor may have by calling their toll free phone number at: 877 999-2970. Better yet, take a look at some
of the sample Postcards on their website at:


They normally charge a small set-up fee on each order but if you go to you can eliminate the set-up fee by using the special code when you place an order online.

What is EDDM? If you go to, there is a Navigation button on the far right that says EDDM Instructions. That is where you will see several samples.  New Method, LLC can customize any subject that the Realtor is interested in doing as a

     EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail. The Post Office allows a customer to look up a target address and find out which Carrier Route it falls within. Once that is determined, the number of homes in that Carrier Route becomes the Realtors Farm Area.
New Method, LLC has been in the direct mail marketing business for the past 25 years.

     They mail on a monthly basis for around 1000 Real Estate Agents. Their average Realtor has been mailing with them for approximately 10.5 years!


     The feedback from the Realtors is that in the first year of a New Farm Area of around 500 homes you might expect about 1/2 of 1% of the listings. The second year will increase to about 1.5% of the listings and the third year will grow to as much as 5%. The
return on investment (ROI) works out to be in the 75 times cost area. It is really incredible.  5% of 500 homes equals 25 Listings.

     If an average Realtor were to sell 25 homes at an average price of $300,000 and a commission of 3%, the commission would be

$ 225,000 per year from a farm costing less than $3,000.00 per year. One Sale in the first year on the program pays for the first 3 years!



                                         Sample EDDM Just Listed Postcards

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